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Wednesdays With Dan... Insight From Andrew...

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"The three opposites of casualness explain why so many accomplish so little and are so consistently disappointed with themselves and their lives – and such easy victims for peddlers of envy, resentment, victimhood as well as con artists selling magic beans. The three opposites of casualness are: deliberate intent, congruent behavior, and self-discipline. Behavior needs to be congruent with winners not losers." ~ Dan Kennedy


The old saying comes to mind: "Actions speak louder than words." Watch what someone DOES not just what they SAY. Very few back their words with their behavior nowadays. It's always something I look for in people. Ex: the overweight personal trainer giving fitness advice, the Doctor giving health advice who has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, is overweight and hasn't worked out since the Reagan administration, or the financial planner giving investing advice who doesn't have a dime in the stock market, etc. Keep score. It's how you know who's for real and who isn't.


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