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The TriFecta of Human Achievement

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

An interesting finding that can make a dramatic difference in your professional and personal life... Over the past year or so I've identified what I call, the "3 Pillars" of Human Achievement that are commonalities amongst the best and brightest Entrepreneurs, Athletes & Entertainers in the world... They are: 1. Professional Development

2. Personal Development 3. Physical Development In this video here, I break the "3 Pillars" down briefly. On my podcast, SuccessLab Radio - Episode 7, I dive even deeper and highlight examples from the greats - Tony Robbins, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise - to name a few. Check it out HERE after you watch the preview video above. And be sure to Subscribe to the show when you're over there so that you get alerts right on your Mobile device when new Episodes are released.

“The 3 Pillars are like the three legs of a stool, if one is weak then they are all weak.”

I'll tell you this, with almost 100% accuracy, if you're stuck or lethargic in ANY area of your life, one (or more) of these "3 Pillars" is being neglected. (Lets be honest: we all get stuck and lethargic at times!) ...This will make a BIG difference for you. Watch closely. ~ Andrew


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